It looks like I will buy my ticket tomorrow and fly out April 1st for Japan!! I can hardly believe it. I will have a travel mate named Paul Kang. We will meet up in Detroit and travel to Nagoya on the same flight.

It REALLY hit me hard tonight that I am leaving. It hasn’t until this evening, honestly. My Japanese girlfriends (and a husband) threw me a goodbye party. I hated saying goodbye to them.danielle 2

With the hostess of the party!

group shot

Group shot!

 yume pizza

Yume putting (dumping) corn and hot dog on top of her Ellio’s pizza. Is this normal in America? Somehow I think not.

with Emiko

with Emiko

with girls

With dear friend Saori and her baby Karin. I don’t know why Emiko is making this face…

There will be more goodbyes to come in the coming week. Life is busy. I am doing all kinds of stuff like getting a phone card to Japan for my mom, working on my visa stuff, sending a million e-mails, still planning the last party for Japanese people this Saturday night, packing, shopping, setting up times to meet with friends, etc. It’s a crazy time!

The plan is to go to Japan with Mission to the World until…actually, I am hoping December but I am not sure of the exact date of return. I believe that I am going to have two Japanese roommates -good for language learning!  As far as other duties I will be helping with all kinds of wonderful things. I got an e-mail from Michael Oh about potential duties and ministry opportunities – I was so excited reading that e-mail!

I confess again that I am not able to do this in my own strength. I feel very undeserving of the amazing PRIVILEGE and honor to be able to go to Japan and serve the Lord there. I feel my own weakness and dependency on the Lord so very keenly. I wept tonight because of the goodness of God to me let me go to Japan. I still cannot believe that He would send a BIG giant sinner like me. Why me? I still don’t get why He has granted me such a wonderful opportunity and I respond with gratitude and brokenness and happy tears. I go by faith that the God who called me will see me through.