I arrived safely to Nagoya and at the moment I am sitting in the Oh’s living room. It is the most surreal experience I think I’ve ever had. It feels like I am dreaming but I am not dreaming. I haven’t been back to Japan in almost five years. I enjoyed hearing Japanese everywhere I went in the airport. That made me so happy. I am very thankful tonight for so many things. First, that the flight was a BREEZE. It went by so fast that I figure someone most have been praying – the 12-hour flight felt like nothing. Also, I am thankful that so many people back home are praying for me in this endeavor. I am also thankful that the Lord has been so faithful and has brought me “safe thus far.”

Michael picked me up from the airport at 8:30pm and guess what – it cost about $20 in tolls one way from the airport to his house; the total cost to pick me up was $40+ and it’s only a 40-minute drive! I’d forgotten how crazy expensive tolls are in Japan.  The Ohs live in a lovely little neighborhood. Their house is just beautiful and Paul Kang is also staying here. Tomorrow is the opening convocation for Christ Bible Seminary students so I will get to see some familiar faces. That’s all for now but soon I hope to post photos and other things for you all to see.