nagoya castle

Nagoya Castle

Me in front of the beautiful cherry blossoms near the Nagoya Castle

nagoya castle

With Yasuyo (the administrative assistant at Christ Bible Seminary)

It’s Sunday afternoon and I just returned home from attending church. I went to Nisshin Church which is in the same building as the seminary. The church was literally packed with people today! Members of the church had just returned from a misisons trip to the Philippines and they were VERY excited to share about their work in a church there and at an orphanage. The church is a mixture of Americans, Japanese, and other foreigners. I got to meet other members of the Mission to the World team (the Newsomes, Mary Bell, Linda Wixon, and others) as well as Christian teachers who work at ICAN -The International Christian Academy of Nagoya. The school is located across the street from my apartment building so I will be living near many American Christian teachers. I even met a lovely Christian lady from Uruguay so I will be able to speak Spanish with her. I also chatted with some Japanese believers as well as a Korean lady and her daughter who grew up in Japan. I am thankful that it seems I’ll be able to make lots of new friends here both Japanese, Korean, American, and other nationalities!

I will actually be working at and attending another church called the Green Chapel where Pastor Aoki is the pastor. I believe I will teaching an English class once a week there for preschoolers so I will have a chance to interact with mothers and children at that time. That church is very, very small (typical in Japan) so I am thankful to be able to serve there and help the Aoki family.

Yesterday I went to the Nagoya castle with my friend from New Jersey, Joe Copsetta, and an administrative assistant at the seminary, Yasuyo. We also went to a baseball game but I was totally wiped out and fell asleep for two innings. Last night I slept for 10 1/2 hours so I hope theworst of the  jet lag is behind me! I am really excited to see how the Lord will use me here to serve the Japanese believers and non-Christians in my life.

view of Nagoya from atop the castle

Like I’ve said in an earlier post, I like strange Japanese-English like this…the monkey one made me laugh so hard!

Video links (I am having trouble getting these to upload from You Tube so just click on the links:

Dragons versus the Sparrow (yes there’s a baseball team called the Sparrows) at the Nagoya Dome – it was indoor!

With Joe and Yasuyo at the Nagoya Castle