I moved into my apartment yesterday! Even though we don’t have a fridge, stove, table, TV, or washing machine (there are no dryers in Japan) that’s okay! I still have to buy a used bike and some other small things. We each have our own room so I am thankful for that.

The past few days have continued to go very well. I took my first class today with the students – Intro to the New Testament. We also had family chapel on Monday and I took a video of the singing time.

As usual, here are some pcitures I’ve taken recently. Enjoy…

I am crazy about the Oh girls. In the first photo, Eowyn is smiling so hard you can’t even see her eyes. Hannah is a very smart little girl and I like playing games with her. I will really miss living with them but I will stay overnight with the Ohs on a regular basis  and help with the kids.

This poster is located across the street from the seminary. It reads “beware of gropers!” (I hear it’s a huge problem in big cities like Nagoya.)

Last night I went to eat Misokatsu, the specialty food of Nagoya, at the most famous Misoktsu restaurant in the city. It was so, so delicious! Yasuyo ordered an omellete with rice inside with miso flavor.

On the way back from the restaurant, we stopped by an arcade in a  little strip mall. To my surprise, there was a shrine right near an arcade.

This was in the shrine. It’s called “omikuji” in Japanese and people tie  their wishes here.

Here’s a short little video of me riding on the subway. The subway system here is excellent and not that hard to figure out. I am about 40 minutes by subway from downtown Nagoya.