After barely moving in to my new apartment, I decided on Thursday (the 10th) to go to Sendai, Japan for the weekend where I used to live from 2001-2003. I took a pretty cheap overnight bus from Nagoya and arrived in Sendai Friday morning at 7am. Cal Cummings (I worked with him and his wife Edie during those two years) picked me up in Natori where he and Edie are living now. I enjoyed a wonderful weekend with former students and old friends of mine.

With Cal and Edie Cummings

My former Japanese teacher Junko took me a beautiful, old-fashioned Japanese restaurant. All the waitresses wore kimonos! Junko is like my Japanese mom and she is a Christian.


Lunch – I felt like I didn’t know half of what I am eating but I loved the avocado with seaweed over rice. There was only one thing I didn’t like, some sort of wasabi-flavored fish.                                


Dessert – there’s a piece of chocolate there, a marshmallow, a pineapple slice, a strawberry pie, and green tea cake.                     

I got to see lots of old friends in Sendai and was very blessed by so many wonderful reunions!

Mrs. Itou and Mrs. Suzuki

With my friend Yuko

With former student Mr. Sasaki

With former student Kanako and her husband

One other wonderful  thing was that I got to see the cherry blossoms again. They have already stopped blooming in Nagoya.


I got the best shots ever of weird Japanese English. This was my favorite one:

Keep in mind that was a BIB set!

Here are some great store names that cracked me up:

We had dessert here:

I was surprised to see this in Sendai Station:

All in all it was a very good weekend. I didn’t get to see everyone I wanted to see but it was only a four-day visit. It was very, very cold up there! It was nice to come back to warm, springy Nagoya. I was very happy to see so many dear people I hadn’t seen in almost five years. I enjoyed being in Sendai but I am very happy to be back in Nagoya (home, sweet home for the time being).