I am still settling in here. After my trip to Sendai I have been continuing to enjoy meeting lots and lots of new people including the families of the seminary students, other MTW missionaries, and teachers who work across the street at ICAN, the International Christian Academy of Nagoya. A lot of the ICAN teachers live in the same apartment complex as me and it’s really been great getting to know the teachers. I am planning to get together with some of the wives of the seminary students and I am really looking forward to that as well. I hung out with Mary Bell and Michelle Schwartz Friday night (two MTW missionaries). We went out for spaghetti and pizza and had a great time chatting and watching a Japanese movie. They live in 3D of our apartment complex and I live in 3E! I am thankful they are so close by and I look forward to getting to know them better.

I am really enjoying the classes at Christ Bible Seminary. I am taking Intro to the New Testament with Craig Chapin and Personal Holiness with Dr. Michael Oh. The Personal Holiness class is packed and we always have a lively time of discussion when we break up into small groups to talk and pray. The other students are so sweet and friendly and I am thankful for the chance to get to know them all better.

I haven’t really gotten to know my roommates all that well. One of my roommates goes home every weekend from Friday through Monday which makes it hard to talk. My other roommate and I made a little trip to the supermarket together yesterday and I am enjoying getting to know her better  (she lived in the U.S. for 13 years and speaks fluent English). A lot of people have been giving us lots of stuff so now we have a stove, a fridge, a kitchen cabinet, and other things. Little by little it’s starting to feel more homey.

I am hoping to start my English classes at the Green Chapel soon. I will have a kids class of ten children as well as an adults class (possibly).

Tomorrow I will meet at old friend, Saori, who lives in New York but is coming with her mother to see me here in Nagoya and we will go to eat MISOKATSU (pork cutlet Nagoya-style) and see Nagoya Castle (my second time). I am excited about that! I am also excited about starting Japanese lessons soon as well. One last thing…I got a bright yellow bike. I go everywhere on it and it’s really good for getting me in shape. I’ve been so out of shape but I bike at least an hour a day now so it’s great for my health!!

I’ll be sure to post lots more photos in the next few days.