I’ve had lots of visitors! My Bolivian friend Jacqueline came to see me and we stayed overnight with the Ueki family – Shohei Ueki is a Christ Bible Seminary Student.

Me, Jacqueline, and baby Sara

The Uekis were such gracious, wonderful hosts. They have three children, two boys and a baby girl.

My dear friend Saori, who used to live in Philadelphia for three years, and now lives in New York City is in Japan visiting her family in nearby Osaka and came to see me yesterday! She came with her baby Karin and her mother and sister. We had such a great day!

The mascot of Nagoya is a golden killer whale. Go figure!

I went to Nagoya castle for the second time, but this time was fantastic because I wasn’t jet-lagged like last time and there were hardly any people there. There is an elevator inside the castle! The original castle was destroyed in 1945 by the bombings and fire during World War II. It was rebuilt and that’s why there is an elevator inside.

Saori’s mom Mayumi

Saori’s sister Naoko and baby Karin

We had misokatsu for lunch which is fried pork cutlet with miso flavor. Here’s a photo of us outside the restaurant and a video of our lunch:

I thought this was soooo cool – part of the decoration for the Misokatsu restaurant was pig-shaped origami! Look at all the little paper pigs!

We enjoyed a stroll downtown:

After some cool drinks we headed back to the hotel where they were staying in Nagoya Station. In the basement of a big department store was a big market with tons and tons of amazing, mouth-watering Japanese food. It is like Reading Terminal Market in Philadelphia. We bought small amounts of lots of different things and enjoyed a big feast in the hotel room! We had this for dinner:

We bought this food called “uiro” for dessert. It’s a long stick of gelatin-like sweet stuff with sweet bean paste. I’ve never eaten anything quite like it in the states but it was incredibly good.

We enjoyed a wonderful afternoon together and I was so thankful to be able to see dear Saori again.

Here are some other interesting photos I have taken:

Funny sign…

Cherries for $70 and $68 a box!! They must be really good cherries, huh?

A melon and watermelon set for $56!

I thought this was amazing – I got this shot of a man vaccuming the subway floor the other day. Can you imagine this in Philadelphia? I guess this is why Japan is so darn clearn, thanks to people like this who vaccuum subways steps and floors every hour.

Here is a good example of the wax food displays in restaurants here to show you exactly what the food looks like. It looks so real that it’s hard to believe it’s fake!

Here’s a boy wearing his school uniform on the subway. I think the kids’ school uniforms are pretty cute. The green laces may seem to be a statement of individualism, but actually all the other kids who were sitting with him also had green laces. That’s part of the uniform.

I am constantly amazed by how overly CUTE everything is here. Here’s a prime example of cuteness, this little character on the side of a building in downtown Nagoya.

I have really enjoyed church at Nisshin Church. I will be going to the Green Chapel soon for worship, but for the time being I got to Nisshin church (the church and Christ Bible Seminary are in the same building). Here’s a video of fellowship lunch after church this past Sunday:

Lastly, here’s a video of the Christ Bible Seminary building from the outside: