I am so deeply thankful to be here in Japan. I’ve been here for ONE month! It’s almost “Golden Week” in Japan – a week off from work and school and my roommates have both gone home for a week or so.  I am starting to make lots of friends with various folks and am getting used to my new life. I have so much to be thankful for in my life.


Well, I got the wonderful opportunity to stay with the Watanabe family for a few days. Since my roommates are gone, they felt sorry for me and invited me to stay at their house. Eiji Watanabe is a student at CBS (Christ Bible Seminary) and he and his wife Reiko have four adorable boys! They are seriously some of the cutest boys I have ever seen – six-year old Joshua, four-year old twins Tomokazu and Takumi, and six-month old Elijah who they affectionately call “Drool Boy.” Reiko is homeschooling Joshua and really appreciated having an extra set of hands around to watch the little guys. I had a blast with them, especially playing with the kids and all the neighborhood kids as well.

I was so blessed spending the past few days with this loving, wonderful Christian family. They are wholly committed to Christ and their marriage and their children which was so great to see in Japan. I also respected so much their dedication to disciplining their kids unto the Lord and how much love they pour into these boys. I pray they will one day be future leaders in Japan!

with Elijah Watanabe (what a cutie!)

with the twins Takumi and Tomokazu

Tomokazu – a bundle of energy!

Reiko readinga Bible story  to the boys

Okonomiyaki for lunch (Japanese pancakes)

A bad photo of me but he’s cute!

Joshua and Tomokazu

Eating “chanpon” – noodle soup with vegetables and Chinese dumplings


Besides that, I also enjoyed an outdoor worship service this past Sunday at a park – it was fun worshipping God on such a sunny day.


Michael Oh playing the guitar and a young guy from church

Group photo (this is  Yasuyo’s church – the admin at CBS) 


I also enjoyed going to a welcome back party for my co-worker Paul Kang and met a big group of college kids all majoring in English– the kids all go to school 2 minutes from the Nisshin Center/ Christ Bible Seminary. That was an awesome night (however, none of the kids wanted to speak any English that night)! I had so much fun interacting with those young kids.


Paul Kang and the students (this was his “welcome back to Japan” party) 

I also went to this interesting “English Circle” event downtown the other night. It was held at a local college and there were four Americans and around 40 Japanese people who wanted to practice speaking English. The Japanese folks paid $10 just to get in! After that there was a pizza party and I got to chat with all sorts of folks of all ages. That was really cool, too, but at the pizza party people also didn’t seem to want to speak any English!

English circle members

My apartment is coming along well – I got some used furniture and our apartment and my room are looking so much cozier. I am so thankful to live in such an awesome location – I live near a mall, two supermarkets, lots of restaurants, the post office, the monorail line station, and a video shop. I love where I live so much! I went for a prayer walk last night and prayed for my neighbors – that was really good.

Near my apartment

Please do pray for my Japanese language studies. I am so thankful for how far the Lord has brought me with Japanese, but I really do want to improve my speaking ability in particular. I am planning to take as many Japanese lessons as my schedule allows. The good thing is that I LOVE Japanese study (call me crazy)…maybe my feelings will change. 🙂 Guess what? I am also going to take a Japanese cooking class (in English) so I can learn to make all kinds of wonderful Japanese foods.