Another pleasant, fun-filled week has passed by.  I turned 31 this past Friday –  I went out with some CBS staff members to eat “merry-go-round” sushi on my birthday! That was really, really  fun – I just LOVE sushi and it was my first time to eat it since I’ve arrived here.  You can get a plate of two pieces of mouth-watering, succulent sushi for only 100 yen (like 95 cents)! Check out the video!

With Shohei Ueki and Kent Sumiya (students at CBS)

Besides that my dear friend Ayako Ono and her husband Hironobu (who is a judge!) came to visit me from nearby Osaka. On Saturday night we enjoyed a wonderful, homemade Korean dinner (cooked by Pearl) at the Ohs’ house! 

Hannah and Ayako

The Onos and our dinner – Korean Bibinbap

Blowing out the candles with the Oh girls 

We even did karaoke…we had a blast. I thought the song on this video was just HYSTERICAL! Pardon the short clip but my camera died immediately after I taped this! I wanted to tape the part with the wild dancing ladies in kimonos – drat!

Here is a video I took at the crazy-busy Nagoya station after I said goodbye to the Onos (if you have ever wondered what kind of clothes Japanese people wear it’d be good to watch this video):

Besides that…what’s new? Big new – I got a visa -woo hoo!! I go to pick up my one-year visa next week so I won’t be on a tourist visa anymore. 🙂 Also, I am also biking all over the place…I am probably in better shape than I have been in years. Also, I am loving Japanese studies! I am learning lots of new words every day and finding my studies to be very fun, although I have so far to go.

One thing I MUST write – my dear, precious friends John and Christy I. from New Jersey are coming for a ten-day visit in August! HOORAY! I am already busy planning their wonderful trip. 🙂

Our Christ Bible Seminary team is busy planning All Nations Fellowship  – an English speaking fellowship that will meet at the Nisshin Center! We are meeting every week and praying for the plant, working on music, plans for Sunday school for the children, as well as thinking of starting a number of ESL classes. Guess who will be teaching some kids’ English classes? 🙂 We hope to hold our first worship service on June 15th! May it be a blessing to many living here in East Nagoya.

My schedule is really filling up these days. I am getting really busy with CBS and All Nations Fellowship meetings, two CBS classes, meeting lots of new people, lunch dates with new friends, Japanese studies, and my first English class at the Green Chapel (starting next week). Plus I am going to take  a Japanese cooking class! 🙂 I hope to be able to learn to make some really great Japanese dishes.

I am really enjoying getting to know all the CBS students so much. I had dinner with Taka and Megumi Oba the other night. Taka was the first graduate of CBS (he just graduated in March, I think) and is now studying at a secular school nearby and teaching Greek at CBS. I was very blessed to enjoy sweet fellowship with them as I have with so many of the wonderful students’ families here at CBS.

BBQ dinner with CBS students on 5-7

AMAZING dinner of paella, beef, chicken, bean salad, etc.

Group shot of the BBQ dinner party (the hosts were the Shimatanis)

Besides that, I am really enjoying Michael’s personal holiness class and the Lord is convicting me in many areas of my life. I am crying out to the Lord to help me and change me. I trust He has brought me here not just to bless others but to GROW me spiritually. I am so thankful for this class and the community here!

Michael teaching and Tom Shimatani translating

Class members of Personal Holiness course

Here are two photos of downtown Nagoya:

By the way, Soft Bank is my cell phone company…when you want your bank to be soft. The ads for Soft Bank feature Brad Pitt and Cameron Diaz.


Just threw this in here…of course McDonald’s is in Japan! (the line for this one went out the door)