I started my first kids’ English class at the Green Chapel. That went well, I think, and the children are, of course, adorable! I enjoy working with Pastor Aoki and his sweet wife Mio and their adorable children, Miku and Seiru. Mio is due any day with their third child.

With Seiru and Miku


Kid’s class

Well, here are two shots of our kitchen. I am still not up to putting a photo of my room on here. I’m still working on getting it just the way I want it to be.

Next Friday I am going to Osaka for the weekend for the very first time. Osaka is famous for lots of things, especially the food. I am going to see two friends and then on Sunday my old roommate Katie will come to visit me – very exciting! We were roommates in Sendai and have been through so much together.

Silly sign that made me laugh J

This week I enjoyed meeting with two sweet, young ladies for coffee and have met lots of new people. I am finding it is reasonably easy to make friends here with Japanese people. However, I am keenly aware of how far I have to go with my Japanese. I feel quite comfortable hearing Japanese, but I have a long way to go towards speaking rapidly and easily! I have only studied Spanish so I cannot say for sure, but Japanese seems like a particularly difficult language to master. I feel like I am climbing a huge mountain and am just starting to see the top (after seven years of study)! I wish I could give you some idea of how tricky Japanese can be…just take my word for it.

There’s a lot going on here, so this week I am just writing a short entry. Thank you everyone reading this who is praying for me…by your prayers and God’s grace I am able to be here in Nagoya.

Another shot from the Personal Holiness Class

A video from the class