“In Africa, there are over 60 million orphaned and vulnerable children (HIV/AIDS, conflict, disability, street children). These staggering numbers will have impact on a family, community, and a nation’s future. In Uganda, the future for many of these children will be changed through the work of Watoto.  The ministry of Watoto places parentless children in families where unconditional love, spiritual discipleship, care and nurture, and the meeting of their physical needs takes place. These children will grow up to be change agents for Uganda. If these children are equipped with essential moral values and life skills they truly can live lives of significance and lasting impact.” (from the website www.watoto.com

Last night I was deeply blessed and moved to have been able to attend a “Concert of Hope” with the Watoto Children’s Choir from Uganda.

I was basically in tears before they even started singing – their precious little voices touched my heart so much. Since they are all like me, former orphans who now have a home and family, I felt a bit of a bond with these little ones. Their costumes were just splendid and their dancing was wonderful and amazing – it was so fun to watch their amazing dance moves! You could definitely feel the love of God flowing through these precious little ones – I had to fight tears so many times. The most fun part was when the lead singer invited the audience to dance along and I got to see an auditorium full of Japanese people trying to dance like Africans!! Some people really got into it and it was hilarious. I also got to talk with the Watoto kids after the concert and thanked them for coming to Japan to share God’s love with the precious people of Japan who don’t yet know about the love of God. I was also very glad that a new friend of mine, Sayaka, attended the concert. The hall fit about 1,800 people and it looked full, so I think it was nearby full capacity.

I took two videos off You Tube so please check it out and more importantly, log onto www.watoto.com and learn more about this wonderful ministry to orphans in Uganda.

This song was my absolute favorite of the evening – “I am not forgotten”

“I am not forgotten, God knows my name. Light over darkness, strength over weakness, joy over sadness, He knows my name! Father to the fatherless,  friend to the friendless, hope for the hopeless, He knows my name, and I will praise Him!!

 That video pauses and stops a lot on my laptop so if you have problems with it here’s another one: