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I took a trip to Osaka this weekend – Osaka is the second largest city in Japan and the people of Osaka are well-known as being the funniest people in Japan. I had a wonderful weekend and saw several old friends. Of course, I took tons of photos!! I think I am becoming quite a photo-holic in Japan – I take photos of just about everything these days. So, here are some of my many photos from my Osaka trip.

A stroll in Dotonbori, Osaka

Giant octopus

Okonomiyaki chef

My okonomiyaki (Japanese pancake) with cabbage, noodles, shrimp, and squid topped with special sauce and mayo

With Ayako, my friend I met in Philadelphia

We were strolling in Dotonborui and I noticed all these people crowded around a clown. I took a video of all the people taking photos and making a huge fuss over this little clown. It’s a symbol of Osaka but I didn’t understand why there was such a stir. Check out the video – it’s kinda funny:



Being silly with Saori…And, yes this really is what you think it is…poop.


Next year’s Halloween costume anybody? Be a war lord or a ninja!


DIET SLIPPERS!! The package promises that if you wear these slippers you will magically lose weight…so that’s why the Japanese are so thin!

 Funny shirt sign at Uniqlo (like the Old Navy of Japan)

I guess I need to think more about elegance!?

Takoyaki vendor – takoyaki are little balls stuffed with octopus and are incredibly delicious!

Osaka night view

Another night view shot

Shot of Osaka from 30th floor

I went to a wonderful church called J-House (Jesus House) and I enjoyed singing familiar songs like “I am a Friend of God” and “Shout to the Lord” in Japanese. It was a super international church and there was such a great mixture of people from many different countries.


After I arrived back in Nagoya Station, I met my dear, old friend Katie (we were roommates in Sendai) who was visiting on her way back to the U.S. Katie and I had dinner with her friend Toshiko and some other new friends. Katie and Toshiko met in Wisconsin and Toshiko lives not far from Nagoya. It turned out that Toshiko’s boyfriend Koyo is a Buddhist priest and I enjoyed talking with them both very much. He looked pretty young for a priest and I think I might take a trip to see his temple sometime next month.

Katie and I

Toshiko and her boyfriend Koyo (the priest)

Koyo graciously treated us to dinner and dessert. Doesn’t this look amazing?

My teardrop-shaped raspberry mousse.

Besides these trips, my roommate and I enjoyed having some college girls and Paul and Kent for dinner. We had a big taco dinner which was really fun. 


Playing a silly but fun game

Lastly, two more interesting shots:

You can watch TV on your cell phone here. I can’t watch TV on mine but with many models you can.

When I was a kid I LOVED Cup o’ Noodles. At the convenience store there are tons of different kids of instant ramen – a whole shelf full of all different flavors such as pizza and curry.

Well, that’s all for now. I had a great weekend and have much to be thankful for – God is so good!