It was a crazy busy week but also very fun. Last Thursday, Christ Bible Seminary had some visitors from L.A., Adam, Andy, Matthew, and Chris (and his mom).  They came for a vision trip to Japan and it was a blast. I took a ton of photos and I will post just a few. Their second night we had a big dinner party for some college students and it was nice that some Christ Bible Seminary students and families joined us for dinner.

Okonomiyaki for lunch

Preparing dinner (Paul)

Enjoying dinner – curry rice and salad

Matt and some students

The Watanabe family joined us (a CBS family)

Emily with baby Elijah

Elijah cuteness

Paul, Andy, and some college guys

On Saturday, Yasuyo and I took the guys to the Toyota Techno Museum – it was so awesome and I enjoyed learning more about how Toyota came to be what it is today.

This is a shot of the guys with the robot who played the trumpet!

Here’s the video of the robot playing – it was really cool!

I also attended my first Heart and Soul Event. Heart and Soul is like a big youth rally and lots of young people came out for some singing and a Bible message. Here are some photos and a video of the second dance team performance.

Hope wall

Heart and Soul Praise Team

Adam preaching, Shimatani-san translating

Funny shot…we went out for sushi with the guys. They ate all these plates of sushi!! The guys said one plate of sushi costs $4 in L.A. but here it only costs about $1.05 a plate for two pieces.

Hannah with her meatball sushi

Cute shot of my English students

Funny sign!

Last but not least, the Ohs welcomed baby Michael into the world on June 5th. The Ohs have four girls and this is their FIRST boy! I can’t wait to hold the baby. Welcome to the world, baby Oh!