The past few days have been a complete and utter whirlwind of activity – I haven’t had a moment to breathe. I think after I finish this post I will go eat and collapse in my bed. Friday night some ladies at the seminary cooked a spaghetti dinner for some college girls. Two of the seminary families brought their kids to the dinner and the college girls loved them! They played with them just like they were their big sisters.

Rock, Paper, Scissors

On saturday, two short-term missionaries arrived, Matt and Caroline. They are such a sweet couple! We are all so happy they are here. Matt is my Greek teacher. I am taking an intensive summer Greek course during the month of July. Hopefully after Matt gets his PhD. he and Caroline will return to Japan as long-term missionaries.

Here is a cute shot of the Green Chapel Sunday school kids:

Making their Sunday School craft

Pastor Aoki and his wife Mio just had a new baby boy named Shoto. He is so cute and I LOVE holding him whenever I can.

All Nations continues to go well. I am teaching Sunday school and we had 9 kids this week! I will post a photo of my class next week. Here is a short of some of the ANF “girls” and I:

Sunday after church my roommate Michele and I babysit for some CBS kids. It was so fun! Here are my two favorite photos:

Tomokazu and I

Tomokazu and Michele with a rocket balloon – I found them at the local mall and they were a HUGE hit with the kids!


Here’s a shot of my cooking teacher and I

What we made yesterday – my favorite was the silken tofu and crab topped with spring onions