I don’t have much time for posting these days…I am taking an intensive summer Biblical Greek course until July 25th. However, once I am done with summer Greek I will be off travelling to lots and lots of interesting places and will have no shortage of wonderful and exciting things to write about! I am going to go to Sendai for a few days, two summer Christian camps, and then I will travel to Tokyo and Osaka and some other places when my close friends John and Christy come to visit me on August 18th! I am so psyched about their visit. We are going to do TONS of fun things and I am going to go to Tokyo for the first time (no wait, I spent one day in Asakusa in 2002). In Tokyo, I’ll get to see lots of friends I haven’t seen in a few years-  Japanese friends who used to live in Philadelphia.

On a sad note, I am feeling a bit homesick these days for my friends and family back home, but I am hanging in there. What I wouldn’t give to hug my mom. 😦 On a happy note, I am LOVING my Japanese studies. Seriously, it’s like I can’t get enough of Japanese and I don’t mind at all when people correct my mistakes because it helps me learn.

Well, I will try and add a bunch of photos on Monday of ANF and a few other things going on, I promise!