So last week my laptop adapter cord broke. I haven’t been able to use my laptop since then. My new adapter arrived last night from ebay so I am ready to blog! I have literally tons of photos I’ve been dying to put on this blog. I feel like a dam that’s ready to burst. So here are some of the photos I’ve taken during the last week and a half in no particular order.

With my Green Chapel English class (these kids have been wonderful students)

Doing “Head and Shoulders, Knees and Toes”

Here is baby Michael Jr. – isn’t he cute?! He made his big debut at All Nations Fellowship about two Sundays ago.

with big sis Elliot

So here’s some FUNNY English I’ve seen in the past week…

I saw these three shirts at the local mall.

I love my new roommate, Mary Bell. She is not only lots of fun but very kind and generous.


Mary with some girls at Nisshin Church

Mary with Matt and Caroline (summer interns with MTW)

Here are some shots taken around my neighborhood and the city:

Shot of the local linimo (monorail train) than runs right near my apartment

View from my back veranda – see how everyone hangs their futons and clothes to dry? In general, people do not use dryers in Japan.

a kimino shop at the mall near my apartment

chopsticks on display at the mall

I took this on the subway – people here seem to practically fall asleep on the train but they wake up just in time to get off. Sometimes the sleepy head of the Japanese person seated next to me will almost fall on my shoulder.

The bicycles downtown – Japan is so bike-friendly

lights in downtown Sakae

I practically chased this guy to get this photo. Okay, so this big-haired young guy has a metallic-pink purse slung over his shoulder – I thought this was hysterical. Would any American guy use this purse?

This is a subway map – it looks complicated but it’s not that bad. I live off the yellow line near the far right side of the map.

This is a magazine cover- I thought it was kind of creepy! Reminded me of Freddy Krueger

Here are some shots from All Nations Fellowship – it continues to go well and Caroline Newkirk has been teaching Sunday school.

Matt preaching

Caroline teaching Sunday school

Here are some other random photos I’ve taken:

This is me and my friend Sayaka – we meet downtown once a month for a language exchange and we’ve also gone to see a play together, “The Diary of Anne Frank.”

You can turn on the TV see sumo wrestling matches- I took this photo right off the TV.

This guy is big!

I admit it’s pretty interesting to watch sumo matches even though I don’t know the rules.

I cannot get enough of the pastor’s new baby – he is sooo cute! I hold him every chance I get.

A meal from one of my last cooking classes – it was great except for the fish head.

Irene (from Uganda) and our cooking teacher

I’ve been plenty busy with all sorts of things recently – next week I head to Sendai for six days to see friends. My whole schedule is set and I look forward to seeing lots and lots of old, dear friends.