It’s Wednesday night and I am staying with the family I used to live with for a few months in 2003. What a wonderful week so far! It has been amazing to be reunited with so many precious Sendai friends again – I hadn’t several of these friends in almost five years. Since I’ve been here I’ve been reminded of how totally different Sendai is from Nagoya. Like, for example, Nagoya is an enormous city compared to Sendai. Also, Sendai is much more traditional than Nagoya in so many ways plus the people seem so much more reserved. Also Sendai is stunning in its beauty with the lush trees and gorgeous mountains. Biggest difference is the weather – in Nagoya I was nearly melting from the heat but Sendai is so cool I wore pants and long sleeves today! Well, I can’t upload the photos I’ve taken here in Sendai yet, but I will post a few taken last week.

Dinner with Mary, the Newkirks, and two college girls

Mary and Keiko- we went to eat MONJA

I am not sure I can describe what MONJA was that well. We cooked this liquid mixed with seafood (on the left) and it was sort of crepe-like in texture. It was awesome-tasting, that’s for sure!

Caroline Newkirk teaching some of the Sunday school kids (we had 11 this past week, mostly Japanese kids)

Little Coco-chan is such a cutie pie and a fast learner, too!

Here’s a video of downtown Sakae – I went there with Mary and the Newkirks.

Here’s another video of us riding the subway – not that interesting but it’s something I do at least twice a week.

That’s all for now – I will be sure to post lots of photos of this Sendai trip when I get back to Nagoya.