I realy enjoyed the junior high/ high school Christian camp I attended this past weekend. I played the piano for the singing time and shared the story of my adoption (in Japanese) with all the kids. The staff and kids were really sweet and it was good Japanese practice – I was completely immersed in Japanese during those three days and was able to learn a lot of words.

The camp was located right on Biwa Lake which is simply gorgeous!

The kids who attended were from various parts of Japan and these Osaka girls were BY FAR the loudest, funniest, and craziest! They were up til 3am laughing and yelling and joking around. I didn’t mind being kept up late all that much because they were so darn cute.

Pastor Aoki (Green Chapel’s pastor) and Hironobu-san  (Osaka staff member – very funny guy!)

Of course we had a campfire the last night.

Before the camp, I had mentioned to Pastor Aoki that Americans roast marshmallows at campfires. He remembered what I had said and with a big smile, he brought out a bag of marshmallows after everyone else had left the campfire. Pastor Aoki, Hironobu, and I roasted marshmallows and it was their first time ever to do it. They thought toasted marshmallows were delicious – in this photo below Hironobu is taking a photo of his roasted marshmallow with his cell phone because it was that good!

Here is a video of everyone singing “You were born to be loved by God” around the campfire. It’s kind of dark, though, and hard to see!

So, the other day I was out downtown with Yasuyo, the CBS administrative assistant, and while walking around underground the near the subway we saw a sword shop! (katana in Japanese)

The bottom katana was priced at 1.8 million yen – around $18,000! Yikes!


The Japanese verison of “Annie” (made me chuckle a little)

Every single book in this photo is a book for learning English – goes to show how crazy the Japanese are about learning English! I was surprised at how many books there were in this shop which is located next to Nagoya Station.

I couldn’t resist this silly photo  – I have no idea who the cutout man is behind me.

I am taking a rest for a few days before I get visits from my friend Ayako from Osaka and my friends John and Christy from the U.S. who will visit me for about 10 days. Tomorrow I will go to see the new Miyazaki film which in Japanese is called “Over the Cliff Ponyo.”

Also, it’s been interesting watching the Olympics in Japan. I watched the whole opening ceremony while I was at the camp – I was thrilled to see that El Salvador had 11 participants (my birth country).  There was this one part in the ceremonies (which cost $100 million, by the way) where they had different Chinese characters popping up and I was wondering why one of them was “exit.” I was blown away by how awesome the parade of nations was (I teared up when North Korea came out).Anyway, I hope you are all enjoying watching the Olympics!