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There’s a typhoon on the way, so I hear. It’s a little rainy and cold here but I don’t mind because it was such an unbearably hot summer. I went to a lovely beach yesterday to have a time of prayer. It was so incredibly awesome to be able to be near the ocean again…I don’t really go to the beach to swim but seeing the waves has always had a very calming effect on me.

Anyway, so one major thing I am SOOOO thankful for is being able to get around and do things that used to be impossible for me to do alone. For instance I went to the travel agency and inquired about tickets and it wasn’t such a big deal. Also I had to replace a part in my cell phone and I had no problem getting it replaced at the Softbank cell phone shop. Doing these small things were impossible when I lived in Japan 5 years ago!! I am so thankful to God for helping me with learning a lot of Japanese during these six months here.

I also had a mini-adventure on Saturday – going to the hairdresser. Michael Oh had given me a 50% discount card for the hair salon near my house where he goes to and from start to finish it took TWO HOURS! The shampoo was so luxurious and they gave a wonderful head massage as well. Midway through my haircut they steered me back to the shampoo area to get a mini back massage! I was amazed! I talked the whole time with my hairdresser about all kinds of things and he was so friendly and did a good job on my hair. I am constantly amazed at the high quality of customer service here – my roommate likes to say, “Japanese do everything 200%.” How true that is.

So here are some photos taken recently.

My adorable kids class (minus one little boy)

Today I had class with them and it was a blast! I l just love this class. They are such good students and pick up so fast. We also do a Bible lesson sometimes during class – today we learned that God made the world and each of them. They were such good little listeners during Bible time!

Students with little siblings

Mary and I went to the Noritake Craft Center this weekend. We painted a cup together. After we painted it we took it to the counter and they will mail it to us.

Some of the beautiful Noritake china

Dragon design

Moving along, here are some photos of life here in Japan.

First, at the supermarket I saw these red fish heads. Kind of gross, huh?

My roommate Mary took this one – a sushi clock!! It costs around $250!

Sushi candles!

This is one of those machines with the crane that moves around.The eyeball thing is a character here in Japan. I thought this was kind of weird.

Mary and I were at the mall down the street and saw this gem of a dress the other night. Yuck!

One thing that is a part of life here is the Japanese toilet – AKA the squatty potty. I won’t say anything more than I avoid these like the plague! There is usually a choice of western style toilets or Japanese ones, thankfully.

I have mentioned before the amazing stationary stores here in Japan. I love the assortment of pens, paper, notebooks of various sizes and colors, etc. This is a display of JUST origami paper – amazing, huh?