I have two lovely ladies from LA and Seoul staying with me for the weekend. They are both Korean-American and have never been to Japan. I will try and post more after they leave on Monday. It’s been a crazy busy week. This week I made a load of mistakes/ blunders and it’s discouraging, but I hope I learn from my mistakes. I wish I weren’t such a scatterbrain!

Wow, I had such an unbelievable time in Kyoto. I borrowed my friend’s camera for the trip and she promised to burn the photos to a CD and mail them to me. I never knew I could take so many photos of leaves changing color.

I am planning to go to Tokyo and Chiba for a few days to celebrate Thanksgiving. I will stay with a missionary couple, the Wilsons, who are planning to come to Nagoya next fall to work with the MTW church planting team here. I am so excited to get to know them better.

Well, I had better run, but photos are on the way, for sure. Three weeks and four days til I am back in the US again…I can’t wait to hug my parents and then eat a Chick-Filet sandwich with waffle fries and lemonade.