I am back from Tokyo and Chiba and getting into the swing of my weekly routine. I had a wonderful time visiting the Wilson family in Chiba and also met up with lots of my Japanese friends who live in Tokyo. The best part of the trip was getting to know the Wilsons who are missionaries going full-time to language school before they head to Nagoya next fall. They have a beautiful three-year old named Ian and he is very, very precious. I was thankful to have been able to celebrate Thanksgiving with the Wilsons and their family and friends. I was really glad that my old Sendai friend, Makoto, was able to join us for dinner.


With Ian



Thanksgiving Chicken (close enough) with strategically placed bow



Playing a fun Japanese card game



Posting these photos makes me miss Tokyo and Chiba – it was a short trip but I learned so much and had such a wonderful time of fellowship and fun. During the trip I managed to see lots of Japanese friends and see the sights in Tokyo, mainly in Shinjuku, near Tokyo station, and Ueno station.

There really aren’t words to describe the hustle and bustle of Tokyo. I enjoyed the craziness to be honest. Call me crazy/ nuts but I get a rush from all the crowds, the noise, the skyscrapers, and the lights even though I grew up in the suburbs. Nagoya really does seem like a very quiet place compared to Tokyo. One small thing I noticed was that the trains in Tokyo aren’t always perfectly on time like in the rest of Japan. I had several trains that were two or three minutes late – kind of refreshing in the country where the standard is 100% perfection in everything. Sadly, sometimes this is due to people jumping in front of train tracks (in other words, suicide) but that wasn’t the case during this trip (it was on another trip).


Ueno Station


near Ueno station


Krispy Creme neare Shinjuku station

Here are some weird things I saw:


Ice Cream – “Good taste, health and happiness” with the angel, “the messenger of happiness,” as our symbol we have continued to a richer life.


This thing of aliens creeped me out. It’s one of those games where the crane catches a toy.


Watch your fingers!

I have to run now but it was fun posting these photos. I will be back home in Philly on December 17th. I am really looking forward to this trip back home. I miss my family, church family, and many international friends very much. These eight months here in Nagoya have gone by so quickly for me. It’s hard to believe it’s really been that long – it feels like I just got off the plane sometimes. Other times when I see how much God has changed me since I came back to Japan I realize that it actually has been kind of a while – 240 days! Anyway, I plan to come back to Philly for good in December 2009 (meaning I have no plans to come back to Japan). People keep asking me what I am going to do then and I have the same answer for everyone – I have no idea! I’ll just do whatever Gods call me to do and hopefully He’ll open doors for me to keep working cross-culturally with Japanese folks, Mexicans, Albanians, or whoever God places in my path. 🙂