I had a blast in New York City today! I went to see my old roommate Mary Bell who was visiting from Chattanooga. We were roommates in Nagoya until last October and Mary is a TON OF FUN!!!  I was only able to be there for a few hours but we had fun shopping, eating lunch, and catching up. New York takes my breath away – I feel like a little girl when I am there. I love New York! It made me want to take a mini-trip there and explore the whole city, especially the museums(I am a total museum junkie) and beautiful Central Park. I went by the Megabus ( which I would recommend if you don’t mind that there is no toilet on the bus and that it’s probably not going to be exactly on time.  It’s cheap and takes you to Penn Station – can’t beat that!


Mary and Marie


Mary in front of Macy’s

Well, I head back to Japan on Thursday. I am not looking forward to the long flight; I fly from Philly to Detroit and then connect to Nagoya – the latter is a 13-hour flight. When I came back home last month  I stayed up all night so that I would sleep on the plane but I really don’t want to do that again.

I have had such an amazing trip home seeing tons of dear friends and being with family. I plan to be in Nagoya until sometime this summer, although  I do not know when. I’m looking forward to being back in Japan and seeing my students and friends there. It’ll be nice to speak Japanese again although I have had tons of chances to speak it while I have been home.