Cell phones in Japan are the coolest. One thing I noticed when I was home last month was that the cell phones in the U.S. seemed so outdated and uncool compared to the high-tech ones here. I am not downing a Blackberry type or an IPhone (which just arrived here in Japan) but the regular, ordinary type of cell that we use in the US. My Japanese cell is the most basic, plain type you can have but I can use the internet, email with it, and take decent photos with it. My old roomie could watch TV on hers. The email address I have is a real email address on my cell (you can email me on my cell anytime if you want to at hola_desde_nagoya at softbank dot ne dot jp). However, I don’t really use my phone to chat – it’s really expensive to talk on the phone here! The name of my cell phone company is Softbank so if I talk with another friend who has a Softbank phone it’s free before 9pm. There are no free minute or free weekend plans here. So I have gone from being a person who used to have the phone glued to her ear to onewho rarely uses the thing except for e-mailing people. One great thing about my cell is that I have learned a ton of Japanese by using my email and receiving emails. Some days I might get 10 messages in a day all in Japanese…a good way to learn! Here are my favorite cell phone photos I have taken since I came to Nagoya.

Yasuyo and Takumi, Reiko and kids (the boy is hers), Miku and her mama

yasuyo-and-takumi  reiko-and-kids


Sweet new friends…(Keiko, Eriko, and Sayaka and her bf)


Old friends…(Aya and Atsuko)


Super-cute English students…(Jion, Koya, Ruka)


Funky foods...(squid rings and octopus legs)

iku-e383aae383b3e382b0  octopus

My colorful lunch…


Hope you enjoyed those. So what’s going on here with me? Biggest news is that I move this week! I am not looking forward to moving and will be glad when it’s done. I keep thinking, “How did I accumulate so much junk in only nine month?” Such is life. I also almost burned my apartment down by leaving a pot of water to boil for almost 25 minutes. The smell is atrocious!!! Yuck!

Besides the move, here’s what on my mind the most: I am finding I am not getting done all I need to get done each day so I am going to try to go to bed earlier and rise early so I can get it all done. Besides my regular duties, I am trying to get in two hours of Japanese study a day on the weekdays. I really enjoy studying and it’s fun but I need to make sure I get the most important thing in my life done first – spending time praying for the world, family, friends, and my own needs and reading the Bible each day. In addition to that, I want to make time to read good books! I love reading and I am finding I don’t have time to read so I need to reorganize my life so I can squeeze that it. I have to run!! Enjoy the Superbowl, everyone.