It’s taken me a while to get online this past week to update my blog- I thought my computer had totally crashed but it actually was rejecting the new virus program I had installed. It’s GREAT to have my laptop back and working again. Things are going well here and I am keeping busy. I am getting ready to start up Japanese lessons again after a very, very long break. I received word that I passed the Japanese language proficiency test (level 3) and am gearing up for level 2. I love my new apartment and am thankful to be living here. The weather here has been remarkably warm and I am very thankful for that as well although today is a bit cold.

This little sweetheart named Yuzuri is the daughter of a Christ Bible seminary student and his wife – she was being so adorable that I had to take a video!

It’s been a fun week. I attended a lovely baby shower last week for Megumi Oba, whose husband Taka is a 2007 Christ Bible seminary graduate – the first and only graduate thus far!


(Megumi on left with Reiko W.)


Pearl, Juliet, Haruna, Reiko, and Megumi


Reiko and Megumi

My new roommate Deb and I had a fun Valentine’s Day party on Friday night. We invited our teacher friends from ICAN, the International Christian school of Nagoya and my old roommate Haruna. I was very astounded that I could read the directions on several packages so I could make some yummy Japanese dishes. We also made sushi rolls with avocado, crab, cucumber sticks, and cream cheese.


Yisel (from Uruguay) and Deb (my new roommate)


Nobuyo and Haruna making the sushi rolls


Proudly displaying my homemade heart-shaped brownie


Nobuyo showed off her creative side by making a heart made from crab, avocado, and rice.


Group shot!

On Saturday I went to Matt and Annette Cummings’ place to eat dinner and Matt’s mom Edie had made a heart-shaped meatloaf with red sauce plus PINK mashed potatoes and heart-shaped jello!!


Karissa with the mashed potatoes


another shot of the dinner


The Green Chapel kids (I THINK) are starting to warm up to me these days, perhaps since I decided to go there every week.  On Sunday Seiru and Miku were being super cuddly as well as Yoshi, another cutie pie at church. During the kids’ Bible story I had two little guys on my lap. So fun!



Luncheon after church


Yoshi being soooo cute and wearing MY hat!