I really don’t have time to write much of anything because I am off to Sendai for eight days on Sunday night. I will go by overnight bus, a trip that takes about nine hours. I am going to see a lot of wonderful friends and hopefully I will see the cherry blossoms in bloom there.

The other night I went out for Okinawan food with my friend Toshiko and her boyfriend Koyo (who happens to be a Buddhist priest). I have never had a friend who was a priest, let alone a Buddhist priest. I really enjoyed chatting with them both and I am learning a lot about Buddhism from Koyo. He’s a really smart guy and very fascinating to chat with about religion. I loved the Okinawan food! I tried everything except the black squid ink pizza…hmmm.

Enjoy some photos!


Some of my English students


With Toshiko and her boyfriend Koyo-san


Our wonderful spread of Okinawan food


The green thing on the right was called sea grapes – they popped in your mouth and looked like a sea plant.


Squid ink pizza with BLACK crust!


Wonderful ice cream with pretty flowers to decorate it.