Being in Japan has given me many chances to learn more about the art of hospitality. Since I have been the recipient of such wonderful hospitality over the years, I know I have a LOT to learn about having folks over for a meal. The other night I chose a Chinese menu for some reason and dinner went well. I wish I had more “American” recipes and ingredients to work with here but I am doing what I can. Dessert has been easy since I brought over several boxes of instant desserts like banana bread, brownies, and pumpkin bread.


Why is there a yellow post-it note on my forehead? We played one of my favorite games, and I have no idea what it’s called. Here’s how to play:

1) The group picks a theme (fruit, vegetables, animals, Hollywood stars, etc.)

2) Everyone gets a post-it note pad and writes something on their stick note that is part of that theme (we chose fruit and I wrote apple on my paper).

3) You place your post-it note on the forehead of the person to your right (or left) but don’t let that person see what you wrote!

4) Everyone tries to guess what word is on their forehead using only “yes” or “no” questions like, in the case of fruit, “Am I round? Am I sweet? Am I red?”

5) The winner guesses what on his or her forehead first and last person out has to do something silly!



On Saturday evening I was invited to a lovely party at my friend Basilia’s house. She is from Paraguay and married to a Japanese man. Here were are with the chicken that she made. She made a huge feast of food (enough for an army!) and I got to meet some new people and practice my Japanese.


I must comment that Japanese really get red in the face when they drink alcohol! There were a lot of red faces the other night.

This was a quiet week and I don’t have any more photos to post. I am looking forward to a visit to Tokyo next week for four days during  “Golden Week.” I am not sure why it is called Golden Week, but most Japanese have off from work and travel (or just stay home and enjoy being with family). In a few weeks, my childhood friend from elementary school will visit me for a week or so. I am so happy to be able to host her and show her around Japan.