May 2009 033

Yes, we have Baskin Robbins in Japan! It’s a bit expensive here but tastes just as good. Last Tuesday night, after a birthday dinner for my roommate Deb, we headed here for dessert – in Japan it’s just called “31.”

May 2009 035

It’s quite an international group! India, Japan, Canada, US, Uruguay

I am excited that my childhood friend Kaya is visiting me for a week this Saturday. We plan to spend two days in Tokyo so I am especially excited about that. I hope Kaya has a fantastic time!

Well, how’s this for an interesting thing to observe? Yesterday I visited my sweet friend Iris, who is from Venezuela, and she always speaks to her son in Spanish. However, since her husband is German and Iris speaks German her son always answers her in German. So, I was in the kitchen listening as Iris helped her son do his homework (which was in Japanese) speaking Spanish and he answered her in German. It was just too funny – using Spanish and German to do homework that was in Japanese. I only speak to Iris in Spanish. However, during dinner we had to speak English because it was the universal language of all the adults.  After dinner, I had to use Japanese to communicate with her son Jan Malte, while we played ball in backyard and it made me chuckle to be speaking Japanese with a half German-Venezuelen kid. What a funny day – four languages being thrown around all evening long. Such is the world I live in these days – a mish-mash of languages. I am getting more and more used to it but it’s quite an adventure.

Last week I went to visit the Beans who just arrived here to Japan in March as missionaries. I happened to come on Megan’s birthday which was great! They have two adorable children and seem to be adjusting to life here very well.

May 2009 021

May 2009 024

Little Kaylie is the belle of her school – she goes to a Christian kindergarten and is going to be fluent in Japanese in no time, I bet!

May 2009 028

Kids playing in the backyard

I am busy searching for my ticket to head home to Philly. I think I found a reasonable one and I am thinking of stopping in either Seattle or Sacramento on the way back. I can hardly believe I only have a few months left here. I hope to use my time well!