end of May 2009 part II 010

I am back from Tokyo!! My childhood friend Kaya came to visit for a week and we went to Tokyo from Wednesday night until Friday night.

Unfortunately, as soon as we sat down on the shinkansen (bullet train) she realized she had lost her purse! She left it on the ground at Nagoya station. Thankfully, I was able to find a train employee and explained to her what had happened, and they called the station and they found her purse! All her money, credit cards and debit card, passport, keys, and  walking shoes were in that purse! We were so thankful to God that the purse was found!!!

We had fun running all over Tokyo and seeing the sights. I admit that I didn’t take that many photos but Kaya did. I will have to steal some of her photos for this blog. Here are the few I took.

end of May 2009 part II 002

Shibuya scramble in the rain

end of May 2009 part II 014

Really weird CD over – that is an octopus on her head! EWWWWW!

end of May 2009 part II 024

Cute NHK character

end of May 2009 part II 025

end of May 2009 part II 043

Dinner with the De Boo family, missionaries from the Netherlands

end of May 2009 part II 047

Little 3-year old Julie/ Yulie (I don’t know how to spell her name!)

end of May 2009 part II 054

This little girl was SUCH a ham – she loved the camera!

end of May 2009 part II 061

end of May 2009 part II 040

Amazing view of Tokyo Tower and the skyline from their apartment on the 51st floor!!!!

end of May 2009 part II 063

end of May 2009 part II 069

With friends our last night in Tokyo – like my shirt?

end of May 2009 009

With my adorable English students

end of May 2009 058

Funny sign in Japanese – the toilet is saying, “Hey!! You forgot something!” It’s a sign reminding people to make sure they don’t leave things in the bathroom.

end of May 2009 019

A team from LA came for a few days to visit – group shot at the Green Chapel (where I usually go to church)

end of May 2009 015

Kids playing!

end of May 2009 023

Funny Engrish – I will enjoy a leg fashion!