It’s my second week teaching summer school at ICAN, the International Christian Academy of Japan. So far it’s been absolutely wonderful! I work mainly with a little girl named Anna. Today during lunch her spoon got stuck  in the crowns of her teeth and she turned to me, tears streaming down her face saying “it hurts! it hurts!” with her fork lodged in her mouth, sticking straight out. It was a pitiful sight! She had to be taken to the dentist, was given shots to numb her mouth, and they took out the spoon. She doesn’t speak much English so I am working with her on on one for several hours a day with reading and speaking. She is a doll! Here are some photos taken by the lead teacher, Amber, from the U.S.

Anna chan

Anna – look at those eyes!

Image282taken with cell phone

reina and rinon

Reina and Rinon

Reina chan

Reina – a very smart little girl!

Yuzuka chan

Yuzuka – what a cutie

with yumiwith Yumi – taken with cell phone

I had a lot of other adventures this week- Japanese cooking class, making Korean cinnamon pancakes with an English class, tutoring lots of kids in English, and an overnight babysitting adventure with a 4-year old and 2-year old – lots of fun!! I am so happy to be in Japan these days.

with cocowith Coco- one of my adorable English students

I don’t have many photos to post, but I’ll be heading to Tokyo this weekend so hopefully I’ll have lots of interesting photos to post once I am back.