It’s hard to believe it’s been almost two weeks since I posted anything. This summer is flying by so fast! Next week I will take a week-long trip to Niigata and Sendai so I am very excited about that. Working as an assistant teacher at the ICAN (International Christian Academy of Japan) for the summer program continues to be fun. I am looking forward to a nice long weekend – Monday is “Marine Day” (umi no hi).  It’s so hot in Nagoya…not unbearably so, but sometimes I feel like I am melting. I think it was 35 degrees Celsius the other day…not sure what that is in Fahrenheit. Good thing I can escape to cool Sendai next week!

with girls at ICAN

June July 2009 110

Rina and Karen

June July 2009 114

Reina and Arisa

June July 2009 122

You’re not supposed to have favorites, but…Karen is adorable and nears almost perfect English since she lives in Seattle as a toddler and went to preschool there.

June July 2009 124

I love Karen’s little heart and star-shaped rice balls in her bento (lunchbox)!

with ICAN kids

June July 2009 094

Speaking of cute kids, baby Shoto at the Green Chapel (where I go to church) gets cuter every week. Looks like he’s trying to wink!

June July 2009 096

June July 2009 105

Pastor Aoki and his wife Mio with Shoto

I also got my ticket to come home! I leave Japan the 29th of September and I will go to Seattle for four days before coming back to Philly. My time here is getting shorter and shorter…I hope to enjoy every minute of it.