Two weeks and six days left! I can hardly believe it. It doesn’t seem real yet but as I ship boxes home, pack my bags, throw tons of stuff away, and try to give away things I don’t need, I know that I am leaving very soon. It really is amazing how much stuff can accumulate in only one year. At the moment I am surrounded by two big suitcases, a box of papers I need to sort through, a bed covered with books and gifts I have received, and a table littered with junk. The worst is over though; most of my things have been packed or are ready to be packed. I am saying a lot of goodbyes these days – it is not easy but if I come back to Japan one day, perhaps I will see my friends again.

with Hideko

With my wonderful Japanese cooking teacher Hideko – thanks to her, I can cook lots of traditional Japanese dishes. I am so grateful for the chance to take classes with her since last May 2008.

Jesus Bdy

I saw this at the supermarket. “Jesus Body!” is some kind of vitamin supplement…weird!

Update in 2011: I saw this product again but with a slightly different name. Maybe there was an outcry by offended gaijin? 🙂


Today was my final kids’ class. Here are the boys…


…and girls! Their English has improved so much since I have taught them. Several of them are homeschooled and learn English at home which made it so much easier!

with Iris

Here I am with my dear friend Iris. She is from Venezuela and is married to a German man, Carsten.


Her beautiful family!

funny shirt

I like weird English a lot. This is actually a boys’ shirt – I see kids wearing shirts with weird English all the time. It was about time I took a photo.