God has been good to me as I readjust to life back in to the U.S. It hasn’t always been easy but there have been so many happy reunions and I LOVE being with family.

Since I left for Japan, friends have married, babies have been born, children have grown, and life has moved on. A part of me feels sadness that I missed so many special events but being in Japan was an amazing experience and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Naturally, after my family, I feel most at home with my Japanese friends. They help make the transition much easier and I love being with this family in particular.


Yume and her mom


Two of my favorite kids

4-up on 2009-10-17 at 19.20 #5

Having fun with my MacBook

I also got to attend my niece’s wedding last weekend. Most of my photos turned out terribly but I took a few nice shots with my family.


With my littlest niece


My niece Rachel on her big day


The beautifully arranged tables


The wedding cake


The delicious wedding banquet dinner – steak!


This is a GIANT blob of wasabi – I was so shocked I took a photo. For Japanese people or anyone who has lived in Japan, this is WEIRD!


Nice shot with my mom and dad (but dad looks so serious for some reason)


I LOVED being with my Mexican friends and their little girl Zara Sofia. They called her “Sofi” for short.



Sofi with her gift – a fancy Japanese mirror


Wonderful chicken dinner with my dear friends, John & Christy


This wonderful couple invited me for lunch…


Mrs. Diaz prepared this amazing lunch!


It tasted as good as it looked!

I spent some time with my 91-year old grandmother yesterday. Her dementia is quite severe and she doesn’t always remember my name; thankfully, she recognizes my face and smiles at me a lot. It was amazing to think about her different things were when she was young. My grandma was born in 1918, got married when she was 18 years old to her 19-year old husband, had two little twin girls a years later, another son a year after that, and one more boy a year and a half later. So, by the time she  was 23 years old, she had four children age four and under! It’s so interesting to hear about your family history, isn’t it?


I look forward to many more happy reunions with friends although I do miss my friends in Japan very much!