Life is pretty quiet these days. I am looking forward to Matthias’ visit on November 23rd and my upcoming trip to Germany. I will be visiting Matthias’ family in Neuried, Germany which is in the southwest near the Black Forest and Rhine River. I can hardly wait!


“Kiki” and little kitty costumes

Halloween was so much fun! I spent the day with my Japanese friends in West Philly and loved the costumes I saw – I even saw several dogs dressed up like bananas.


Everyone’s favorite was a couple dressed like the Simpsons!


“The Simpsons” complete with baby Maggie, Lisa, and Bart (not in the photo)


With Winnie the Pooh


There was a witch and a wolf at this house!


Even though there were tons of people there were snacks for all.


I took a trip with a van full of people to MITSUWA – Mitsuwa is a Japanese marketplace near New York City. It was worth the two-hour drive to eat ramen and shop for Japanese food. It was super fun!


Enjoying ramen


Group shot- only the Americans are making the peace signs! Haha!


Joe with his “ninja snack”

I miss Japan but I am enjoying every day being back in the U.S. I still have so many friends to see and am so happy to see folks I haven’t seen in a while.