It’s been wonderful having Matthias here in NJ for the past 10 days or so. We’ve had an amazing time sightseeing, spending time with friends, enjoying shopping together, and especially talking for hours and hours! I am so thankful Matthias’ trip here has been so perfect. I don’t have time for more than posting a few photos…I will write again after Matthias leaves. It’s been hard to find time to breathe let alone update this blog. Enjoy the photos!

Thanksgiving dinner

with my niece Angelina

visiting my Nana in the nursing home

Enjoying a wonderful evening with my friend Joy and her new husband, Eric

Matthias marvelling at his American-sized sandwich

Hanging out with my pastor, Geoff

With my beloved friends, John and Christy  –  we had fun playing Balderdash for a few hours!

Fun times with two of my favorite Japanese kiddos

Visiting his former host parents – he was a high school exchange student during his senior year of high school

Taking the Mega Bus to New York City – $34 for two-round trip tickets from Philly and back!

Hearing Tim Keller preach at Redeemer Church

Seeing Lady Liberty on a rainy day

in Times Square

We enjoyed seeing West Side Story

enjoying works of art at the MET

Last but not least…

It may sound weird but my neighbor has a pet monkey named Peanut. Matthias enjoyed taking photos of him and hearing about what it is like to have your own pet monkey. Peanut sleeps til noon in his own money hammock – we joked that he is just like a college kid.

There are more photos to post but I will do it later. We are having a wonderful time together and I look forward to my trip to Germany on the 28th!