Sorry for not posting for a while. Truthfully, although it may seem I am traveling all over and doing exciting things every day, that’s really not the case. Most days are spent reading, talking, enjoying meals with the family, working on wedding plans, and/ or having a day trip once a week or so.

Last week’s day trip was to nearby Offenburg. Matthias and I went to meet his high school friend, Diana, who is a graduate student at Heidelburg University. She was very beautiful and charming and spoke four languages fluently, including English, of course. How very European!

having tea with Diana

I enjoyed eating Schnitzel, which is German pork cutlet, with “pommes” – french fries.

Offenburg – a small, charming city of 50,000 people

I think the criss-cross design on German homes and buildings is pretty cool. You can see this design everywhere.

Going to the supermarket here is always fun for me. I always find things you might not see in the U.S.

These are all kinds of delicious bread spreads- mushroom, tomato, olive, etc. My personal favorite is the shiitake mushroom spread.

Check out the pasta aisle – pasta galore!

Sauerkraut juice – supposedly healthy!

At the supermarket – this chocolate bar was almost as big as my head!

Everything in this photo chocolate!!!

Speaking of chocolate, this cereal had BIG chunks of chocolate in it. It was so amazing!

Yesterday’s day trip was to Freiburg – it was much bigger than Offenburg with trolleys, busy, crowded streets, and lots of stores. It was so cold but I had a wonderful time and here are some of the lovely photos that Matthias took.

Tonight I am headed off to a presentation on Costa Rica at a local travel agency. We are going there for our honeymoon and I am very excited about this seminar since I’ve heard Costa Rica is VERY beautiful. Anyone out there have any tips for travel in Costa Rica?