I have been much to lazy to post anything. It was a very quiet week although I did go to Basel, Switzerland for a few hours yesterday and to Strasbourg, France last Saturday evening. Both places were beautiful and I must write that on the way to Basel I had the best hot chocolate that I have ever had in my entire life. It was rich and creamy with big swirls of the best chocolate…after that I drank a cup of chocolate! Photos to come later. 🙂

Other highlights include learning to cook with my schwiegermama (future mom-in-law), going for a wonderful girls’ day out with schwiegermama, and buying Matthias’ suit for the wedding. He looked so handsome!

Here are some photo highlights of the past week.

Matthias’ dad is the owner of a printing company, and one of his employees asked me to teach her children English. Matthias and I had a nice visit to their home and I was amazed at how well the older girl spoke English! Here is little Tamara with a rabbit – we called it a mutant rabbit because it’s so strange-looking!

With Matthias, the girls, and their mom

In Strasbourg, France – our sweet friend from church, Katrin, invited us out to Strasbourg. It is not so far from here, about 25 minutes. Here is my proof that I was in France:

Katrin took us to a very charming French restaurant. Matthias accidentally ordered the wrong salad for me and I wound up with a salad with salmon and foie gras (liver pate) which is a delicacy. The salad was great but the foie gras was pretty gross and Matthias ate it all for me. He had a wonderful mushroom and ham flambee which was pretty much like a thin crust pizza.

This catedral was incredible!

I liked the cool French tram cars

We stopped in a cute souvenir shop

The cuckoo clocks were noisy

I bought this cute hat

The door is crooked – can you tell?