I’m in love and have the yogurt to prove it!

Matthias and I are heading back to New Jersey on Tuesday. This trip to Germany has been very eye-opening and mostly lots of fun except for the culture shock. Truly, the culture shock was nothing compared to my experience in Japan during the first year, but it is still hard to admit I have a LOT to learn about Germany culture! I am so excited to see my dear family and especially eager to get the wedding preparations done. I/we have lots of little things to do such as get my wedding dress altered, marriage counseling, choosing our wedding cake flavor, meeting with the florist, etc. Our big day is coming up soon – April 17th!

Today at church I met two Algerian ladies, last week I hung out with a Swedish-Colombian couple, recently I met some ladies from Mexico, and there are several folks from England at church. It seems that everywhere I go I meet folks from all over the world which is always fun. Even better is that even though I am in Germany, all of these folks from around the world spoke English (except for the Mexicans which gave me a chance to practice my Spanish).

Here are some photos from the past week in no particular order:

Here I am with Opa. I love Opa! He is 81 years old and it is a miracle he is alive having survived the horrors of World War II. His stories of life after the war are so fascinating. I am thankful to finally have a grandpa since I’ve never had one, really. It’s fun sitting with him, attempting to talk to him in my baby German, and he is always ready with a sweet smile and a funny joke.


I don’t think I need to say much about this. Doesn’t the photo say it all? The creamy gooey chocolate was the best. After I drank this I drank a smaller cup of chocolate, pure, creamy chocolate. I almost went into a chocolate coma!

Matthias’ mom and I enjoyed a special Schwiegermama/ Schwiegertocher (mother-in-law/ daughter-in-law) time the other day and it was so delightful. We went out for Greek food and then for a long walk in a small town called Gengenbach. It was simply charming with the leftover snow.

Charming houses and small streets

Beautiful holly and berries

These are decorations for a local carnival that are colorful cloths on a clothesline.

I love these criss-cross design on the houses called Fachwerk in German.

See the handpainted decorations by the windows? So cute!

Matthias and I enjoyed a delightful evening with a Swedish-Colombian couple. We talked the night away (in English) and found it funny that they speak so many languages – English, German, Swedish, Spanish.

Sandra has her own card-making business and makes lovely cards. I bought a whole bunch!

Enjoying a Berliner, a jelly-filled donut that is really yummy!

Last Sunday I went to an interesting church near Lörrach which is not far from Basel, Switzerland. It was an intersting church with many young folks although the singing time felt like a LOUD rock concert plus they sang in English which was kind of weird. The churches I’ve been to here sing a lot of English songs which is nice but weird to me…I mean this is Germany, right?

After church we had lunch together with tons of people. I was so amazed at the size of the church building. Also, inside the building the church runs a fancy restaurant, cafe, and a hotel! Pretty cool, I thought.

The restaurant in the church building

The cafe

The church building from the outside. The interesting thing was there is no church sign anywhere on the outside of the building.

We made a brief stop in Basel, Switzerland for a little while and enjoyed a nice, long, but FRIGID walk.

Swiss flag blowin’ in the wind

Here are a few photos of Matthias and I on a sunny day here. I have barely seen the sun except for a few times and it was beautiful.

We went for a walk in the neighborhood and came across this wood.

At dusk

Today after church I did something so cool! It was like a mega-version of yakiniku, for you Japan-minded folks. We took big strips of yummy, juicy bacon and put them on giant forks and fried them over the fire. In German this is called Waldspeck.

Matthias roasting his Waldspeck

They also placed the meat on this giant, swinging grill along with sausages, turkey breasts, etc.

With Carmen roasting my bacon

Matthias’ plate- the bacon was kinda burnt but still good!

Random photo – all of these cereals are chock-full of big chunks of chocolate! My only experience with chocolate and cereal would be hoco Krispies. 🙂

Well, I have to get going but it was fun to share all these photos. I look forward to moving back here in June and although I’m quite nervous about learning German, I am truly hopeful that one day I’ll be able to hold a basic conversation. As they say in German, Tschüß! (sounds like “choos” – Goodbye)