I haven’t had time to breathe let alone blog! The wedding is only five weeks away and my life is getting crazy. I have a million post it notes in my schedule book to keep track of it all – friends to meet, things to buy, friends to email, bills to pay, dress alterations, calls to return, things to order for the wedding, who’s coming to the wedding and who’s not coming, cell #’s, people to write letters to who don’t even know I’m engaged…etc.

Matthias is still happily living in South Philly and enjoying the warmer weather these days. We are both looking forward to the wedding and our honeymoon in Costa Rica. I have never been there but I know it’s going to be a wonderful trip. I am looking forward to the beaches and the volcanos while Matthias is excited about the fresh pineapples.

The highlights these past two weeks were serving homeless people dinner in Philly, a party with new Japanese friends,  and another wedding shower thrown by my dear friend Joy. I promise to post photos later but I am just too busy right now to do anything. I am also working a lot which is good but makes life even busier. April 17th, here we come!