Matthias and I are loving married life thus far. It is a great blessing and such an encouragement to my soul to have him in my life. Since I started feeling better after being sick for a whole week, we’ve been so busy trying to meet as many friends as possible before we leave for Germany next Wednesday June 2nd. We are living in Laurel Springs, NJ in a beautiful, furnished place and it has been a blast cooking together, reading together, praying together, and having folks over for dinner together. We haven’t had much of an “adjustment” or shock yet. It’s been very smooth so far getting used to being married and we are so thankful for every day we can be together. I am excited about going to Germany – I really want to learn German badly and am eager to start lessons. (I have a little German under my belt but only the basics.) We plan to live near Matthias’ parents until September and we will come back to NJ for a month-long visit on September 13th. After we return to Germany in October we will move to Berlin. I never imagined I would live in Berlin – so exciting!

Here are some more wedding photos! The professional ones are finished and we are waiting for the CD to arrive in the mail.

Right after the wedding ended

With dear friend Chiemi, my first Japanese teacher who taught me the basics of Japanese back in 2001

Looking beautiful in traditional Japanese garb – they looked AMAZING!!

Beautiful flower girls – they were so adorable!