It’s already day six here in Germany. I am really enjoying every day here thus far and very happy to see friends I met during my visit here back in January. Our house is simply beautiful – a married couple from Matthias’ church is in Italy and allowing us to stay in their home until September.

Here a few things that have been great here so far:

1) The sun sets quite late here, around 10pm! It can feel like 5pm when it’s really 8pm which makes it tricky at times but really nice as well. 2) I can understand enough German to feel comfortable. When I was learning Japanese, it took about a year to be able to understand much going on around me which made me cry at times from frustration. However, speaking German is another story! 3) 84 year-old Grandpa (Opa) Walter is one of my favorite people here.  I try hard to make conversation with him and he always likes to talk with me. Today he gave me a tour of the beautiful garden next to Matthias’ parents’ house and told me the names of every flower and vegetable and later bought me fresh strawberries. 4) The food here is so fresh, delicious, and more amazing than I remembered. We’ve had a blast going shopping together and buying all kinds of wonderful foods. I told Matthias that I feel like I am food heaven. Not to mention mom-in-law’s wonderful cooking (and cooking lessons!).

The wedding! We went to Matthias’ brother’s wedding this past Saturday. I was told it was short compared to other weddings although it lasted from 2pm until almost midnight. I heard that some German weddings last until 3am! There were no bridesmaids, no flower girls, only the married couple. After the ceremony, the reception included not only a wonderful dinner and homemade desserts but also a talent-show type of LONG party. One lady sung, others did a game show kind of skit with the newleyweds, and there were several funny videos and slideshows for the happy couple. It was all very relaxed and laid-back and I had fun although I had pretty bad jet jag. I will post photos of all these things tomorrow including the house and wedding, etc.