Matthias and I had a wonderful five days in Berlin and Heidelberg. Berlin was brimming with history and vitality while Heidelberg was simply breathtakingly lovely. In Berlin, I loved going to the Anne Frank museum and seeing all the historical sites related to WWII and East German history. We even went to a DDR (East Germany) museum and it was SO cool! As for Heidelberg, I told Matthias I could never live in Heidelberg because it’s too perfect. Not only was it incredibly beautiful, but there were tons of wonderful restaurants and adorable, darling, and charming shops that we loved checking out together. We are going to move to Berlin in October and I can hardly wait! Matthias will be doing a church internship at a church called BerlinProjekt for a few months and after that we have no idea what the future holds. Hopefully, by the end of October, we will have an idea if/ when we will go back to Japan. We have a meeting with Matthias’ mission group and hopefully some of our questions about the future will be answered. However, until then, we are so content being in Germany. It is a simply beautiful place, full of culture, history, great food, good people. However, I do miss Japan so much and hope that’s what God has in store for us for a few years at least.

Here is a link to about 100 photos from the nearby Rose Festival and our trip to Berlin & Heidelberg: