I wish I had a lot to say but I simply don’t. Life here is very quiet and simple which is a wonderful thing. In NJ, we were constantly running around visiting friends, packing, taking day trips, etc. but now I have time to read and cook and study German, Japanese, and Spanish. I confess am not doing such a good job of using my time well. I wish I were reading more…it’s hard to sit down and read these days despite having tons of excellent books lying around. I have to discipline myself to read since I am still in a frenzied must-be-doing-something mode.

Regarding life in Germany, it’s very peaceful. Honestly, I am not having too much culture shock since I am quite sheltered. Only small things surprise me such as the fact that the washing machine cycle is two hours long (as opposed in 25 minutes  in the U.S), the very high prices of some things here (such as meat and gasoline), and the fact that we can fly all over Europe at dirt-cheap prices (a very good thing). I rarely see anyone outside of the family, church, and neighbors. I don’t go out to much except go to the supermarket, with Matthias to work, around the neighborhood as we take walks,and to his parents’ house. I am thankful that I get to hear German constantly but I cannot say I am improving much these days. I am looking forward to language school in Berlin. I am also looking forward to our mini trip to London and the Isle of Skye in Scotland at the beginning of September. I am also learning how to cook German food from Matthias’ mother who gives me lessons about once a week.