The other day Matthias bought me flowers – two giant sunflowers! They were only 60 cents each and I was so surprised to see him standing at the front door with these enormous things. What a sweet husband I have.

Last weekend, we enjoyed a short, refreshing trip to Karlsruhe, a nearby city. I was so glad to be able to get out of little Marlen, as lovely as it is. I was starting to get homesick for the city so this was a perfect getaway for me. This “castle” was more like a mansion to me, but it was beautiful and reminded me a lot of the mansions I saw in the UK.

The highlight of my week was meeting this cute little girl, Mavie-Dana, at a housewarming party in Karlsruhe. This kid was super spunky and funny, plus she was willing to talk up a storm with me despite my lack of German. When I learned she took piano lessons, I wanted to hear her play for me. With Matthias translating, it turned into a mini piano-lesson and we had a lot of fun! Her mom was very impressed with our short lesson and hopefully Mavie-Dana will keep up her lessons for many years to come.

We had a great time talking with her dad, a geologist, about all kinds of interesting topics, including his views on the church in Germany. He had a really open spirit and was happy to share about his life, beliefs, and studies including his travels to Jordan for work. I really enjoyed meeting this wonderful family and hope we can make friends like this when we move to Berlin. I was also happy to make a new little friend – she taught me so much German in such a short time.

As I often say, it is simply beautiful here in this part of Germany. We went to a small party last Sunday and the house and the view nearby were so lovely. There were even sheep!!

All in all, life is still quiet and good. I am starting my countdown to NJ – only six weeks to go! More than anything, I can hardly wait to see my parents. I miss them a lot. Here is a photo of my dad and I when I was a baby.