Today marks five weeks back in Germany after our trip to the US – it feels like much longer! Our top highlight of the week: a new Japanese friend came over to our house and cooked Chinese dumplings (gyouza) for us this past weekend. Her name is Kana and she occasionally attends my German class; I rarely see her in class but she comes from time to time. Second highlight: a very long Chopin piano concert with Russian pianist Vladamir Mogilevsky- sheer bliss! Third great thing: I have a Japanese language partner (a classmate of mine) who began meeting with and it’s awesome to be able to offer and receive help with languages.

Friends often ask me how my German classes are going. Well, the class going well but ever-so-slow, and I hope to be able to supplement the group classes with private lessons once or twice a week. I really do want to learn German quickly, and I am enjoying picking up lots of new words every day in class, with Matthias, and meeting with friends. Last weekend, I was so happy that when we met a German friend for lunch and he asked us, “So..which language should we use today – English or German?” I assured him that it’s best to use German and I was glad for the chance to hear a few hours worth of spoken German. I was able to understand much of the conversation, but when I had to share anything deep, of course I sadly had to resort to English. Matthias is ultra-patient with me and helps me every night with homework, plus he answers every question I have about just about anything related to studying German. I am finding learning German to be much more fun than I had anticipated, even though almost all of my classmates are constantly stressing out over difficulties with grammar and vocabulary.

Matthias is still searching for a job, and I myself have applied for several jobs teaching English. I have posted some ads as a private English teacher for kids as well and I am waiting to see if I’ll get any work that way. It’s not pleasant being unemployed, but we keep praying and trusting that God will provide the right job. Matthias had an interview with one company and hopefully he will receive a second interview in the near future working in a translation company that deals with Asian languages. It would be so great if he had the opportunity to use his Japanese, English, and German!

I’m still getting used to being a housewife, but it’s actually satisfying to run a household. I am learning to stay on top of cleaning and laundry, but cooking is a challenge. I am not so good at planning meals and I don’t think I am a very good cook, but I hope to improve in time. I must admit, it was much easier to manage cooking in Japan, since I was so familiar with almost every item in the supermarket and always experimenting with a funky new vegetable or recipe I’d learned in cooking class. I still can’t manage to read directions in German without help from Matthias which is kind of sad. I am sure I’m missing out on so many good things to cook…if I could just read by myself.  However, I am sticking to the basics these days: spaghetti, casseroles, stir fry, etc.

Well, this is my life in a nutshell. Wife, student, job-seeker…never a dull moment when you’re living abroad, that’s for sure.

making gzouya with Kana