Matthias and I have had a busy week, and I don’t have more than a few minutes for a post. Why has it been a busy week? I’ve been busy with training and keeping up my private German lessons and studies at home; we’ve also been spending time at the cafe that I mentioned in my previous post. I am not volunteering there to improve my German, but being at the cafe gives me the much-needed opportunity to speak German and to listen to German for several hours on end. Most of the ladies are not German, so it puts me at ease to speak German with other foreigners, since they know how hard it can be to learn the language. Last night there was a wonderful Christmas party for the ladies complete with food, drinks, desserts, and live music. I hope and pray the women who came were blessed and enjoyed themselves. I enjoyed chatting with a friendly woman who spent 15 years in Georgia and spoke English (which is rare at the cafe). It was so funny to meet a German woman with a perfectly charming Southern belle accent!

Last of all, I have to make my pitch for the Amazon Kindle on my blog. Matthias got one a few months ago and has monopolized it for a while, but this week it’s been my turn. I totally love our Kindle. I have downloaded about 20 sample books and been reading each sample on the train rides back and forth to work. I’ve already downloaded book samples about everyday life in North Korea, classical education, Abraham Lincoln, life during the civil rights movement, Japan and WWII, etc. Of course I want to buy every book, but I must refrain. A man started talking to me on the train the other day, asking me what I was holding in my hands? “Is that, by any chance, an electronic book?” He was incredibly fascinated and I enjoyed telling him all about my Kindle and when he held it, he was amazed at how lightweight it was.

The 3rd gen. Amazon Kindle, graphite

What do I like best? Where do I begin? I have found that the Kindle is less of a strain on my eyes than a real book: I can read for an hour or two on end without any eye strain which is not the case with regular books. I love that you can adjust the font type and its size and how easy it is to use, even for someone like me (a person with very basic computer skills). Best of all, since we are planning on going back to Japan eventually, we will not have to lug tons of books across the globe anymore! We will save tons of money on shipping and not have to choose which books to take and which ones to leave behind – we can take all of our Kindle books! I am so excited to see how the Kindle will evolve – I am sure we’ll be reading books to our future kids on our Kindle.