I have a few moments to write a quick post…life is quiet and I like it that way. I am keeping busy with German school, but I am going to school only three days a week from 9-1 instead of Monday through Friday. On the first day of class I met a lovely older woman from Peru and she came to our home yesterday. Sadly, the class was too difficult for her and she was lowered a level but I am glad we met when we did. It is amazing to hear her story of growing up in Peru, living in Madrid, Spain for 14 years, and now living in Berlin with her family, although she does not speak much German. Matthias tried his best to teach her a few useful phrases, and she was delighted and thankful. I am very happy to know that my Spanish is still intact, because I was concerned I would forget most of it with such exclusive focus on German and Japanese. Thankfully, it’s still in my brain and functioning well enough to talk for a few hours in Spanish.

We also found a delightful Japanese teacher who is willing to come to our apartment every Friday. She says that we are her most advanced students and “teaching the both of you is my favorite class of the week.” We are so happy to be able to have found her and that we have made so many Japanese friends during our stay in Berlin, far more than we could have ever imagined or dreamed! Matthias even found a language partner named Masaya who is a professional musician from Tokyo. Matthias says that meeting with Masaya has been awesome and they always talk about very deep topics such as culture, history, etc. We also met a few Japanese Christian ladies last weekend and enjoyed having dinner and a Bible study with them. I feel like God sees our love for the Japanese and is delighting Himself in throwing them into our path left and right. We are happy to meet such adorable Japanese folks who make our life here so sweet.

Besides that, we have enjoyed hanging out with our friends from the US, Taiwan, Japan, Peru, etc. Sadly, we don’t have very many German friends, except for a few, but we are thankful for the few that we have. We are finding that Germans, like Americans, are too busy for us. It’s so sad that many people are just too busy for friendships; the folks who have the time to hang out with us are mostly foreigners like me or Germans who are needy, lonely or having struggles/ hardships in life and need a friend.

Besides languages and friends, I am greatly enjoying reading book after book on my Kindle. I would have to say that I am reading about 90 minutes a day, mostly because it’s so convenient to read with my Kindle. Perhaps I’ll write about what I am reading next time. I’ve read more in the last month than in the last year, sad to say. I do have a good excuse, I suppose, having gotten engaged, planned a wedding, gotten married, prepared to move to Germany, and adjusted to a whole new culture and language!