Matthias has been away since Saturday; he went back home for a week to help with his dad’s business. I thought it would be a nice time to relax, read, think, etc. However, I miss him so much that it’s hard to enjoy having this “me time.” I can hardly wait for him to come back on Saturday night!

During the past few days I’ve been enjoying the warm weather (at last, spring is here!), doing some light spring cleaning, planning ahead for a very busy April, wondering often if Matthias will be going to Japan in April or May, studying tons of Japanese, and praying for friends in Japan. I should be studying German…sigh. I continue to check friends’ blogs in Japan to find out the latest news.

Once again, here is my TOP blogs list (I check them daily and they are updated frequently):

If you are considering a financial gift to help Japan, we recommend CRASH Japan:

Please keep praying for Japan!