I’ve been writing about Japan for weeks and thought it would be nice to take a break and put some photos up! Spring in Berlin is fantastic, and I love seeing this great city come to life again after a long, cold winter. My Japanese friends asked me to start writing in Japanese on this blog so I will try.  ベルリンの春は最高です!♥

Doesn’t Matthias look like his mom?  マティアスはお母さんに似ていますね。

ドイツ語学校のクラスメートです。この子は大阪人でとても元気です! Akane is in my German class and does a tandem with Matthias every week. We keep meeting more and more Japanese everywhere we go. I just met another Japanese guy yesterday at an art gallery and we had a nice chat. I definitely speak more Japanese than German these days, and I can only say that is 100% GOD!!

Hiroko is Matthias’ tandem partner (he has three so far!) and our new friend
ひろこさんはマティアスのTandem Partnerです。ベルリンに来たばかりです。

Here I am at the Ritter Sport Chocolate store. My favorite flavor is Chocolate-Strawberry!

Look closely at what’s painted on the van…we wonder if people might get into an accident seeing this on the road. (In case you can’t see, it’s a man on the potty.)


I’ll post some more photos later…I’ve done so many fun things lately but didn’t take many photos. Too bad!!