A missionary friend writes on her blog, “Japan, as a nation, is grieving. Tonight on the news they announced that in addition to the 15,000 some who are still missing and presumed dead, there are still five towns/cities who have not reported in number of missing because their city records were destroyed in the tsunami.  Two of these are towns where Eric had ministered the past two weeks — towns that virtually are already wiped out.  We just felt sick that there could still be many unaccounted for.” (http://takameter.wordpress.com/)

Here is a video presentation given by a dear friend, Edie Cummings, who has served as a missionary to Japan for around 40 years. She mentions that she and her husband were within one mile of the tsunami and had no idea! She tells what it was like in the aftermath of the earthquake through her tears.

Matthias has (very) tentative plans to go to Japan in May to help with relief efforts. Matthias was invited to work with the Mission to the World team and he could also work with CRASH. I would just love to go to Japan with Matthias to offer some comfort to my hurting friends in Tokyo and Sendai, but of course, that is in God’s hands.

We had a Skype chat with friends Matt and Annette Cummings (Matt is the oldest son of Cal and Edie Cummings.) Matt will be away in Japan for two weeks while Annette is due with their fourth child and we admire them immensely for laying everything on the line. Of course, we completely understand Matt’s decision to go but I am sure most people just cannot understand. We are so thankful for Matt and Annette’s sacrificial love for the people of Japan and desire to help in such a crucial time of need. We’re also thankful for Edie who will be helping Annette while Matt is away. Please pray for them!