I’m starting this entry with a question: what did you not learn from your parents? It sounds strange but Matthias and I were talking about how sad it is that our own parents and friends’ parents didn’t pass on many useful talents and skills to us.

For example, my dad was a really good gardener and my mom was great at baking and sewing. My mom used to sew my Halloween costumes by hand and makes great cheesecakes. Matthias’ mom also is a fantastic gardener and his dad can make his own furniture. My mom never taught me how to bake or sew and my dad never taught me how to garden – how I wish I could do those things! My grandmother was a master knitter and cook but never really taught my mom either of those things. Also, my grandfather could speak three languages fluently but my father only learned English. I think in those times when you tried hard to “be American,” speaking another language was not seen to be the asset that it is today. Sadly, Matthias never learned any gardening skills and to this day the most interaction we have with “gardening” would be our little house plant.

Matthias and I were commiserating that we didn’t learn these useful skills from our parents and wondered why not. Perhaps it is a generational thing…what do you think? We would love to try to pass on skills and train our kids in various areas that we are gifted at or like to do. For example, Matthias is excellent at taking photos and videos and would be able to teach our kids those things. He could also teach them about all things computer-related, basketball, badminton, sledding, hiking, etc. I would like to teach our children about music theory and how to play the piano as well as teaching them about various composer, music periods, etc. Of course, we’d love to pass on our passion for reading books as well. Naturally, we want to teach our kids English and German so they will bilingual (we hope). If we’re in Japan, they’ll learn Japanese in daily life.

There are many skills I’d love for our future kids to learn that I cannot do. For example, I’d love if our future daughter(s) could learn how to knit or sew, play another instrument besides the piano, take art lessons, learn to bake well, or participate in a sport. For boys, it would be nice to learn sports, music, fishing, art, chess, etc. I don’t know how to do any of those things very well.

Anyway, these are just a few rambling thoughts. It’s not like we have the chance to garden, but it would have been so nice to have learned the basics.